Netbait Contour Worm 6"

$3.99 3.99
The NetBait Contour worm has a pro le that has never been seen before in the fishing industry. The ever-changing contours on this worm allow for a revolving influx of light penetration. The contours mixed with the light penetration cause this worm to appear to “light up.” This worm gives off a tantalizing silhouette that is going to be irresistible to bass. These worms illustrate the high quality appearance of hand pours but with the added durability of injection molding baits. The Contour worm excels in all finesse applications such as on a drop shot, shaky head or Texas rig.

  • 6" length
  • The contours allow for light penetration that cause the worm to appear to light up
  • Offers the high quality appearance of hand pours, but the durability of injection molding baits
  • Great for all finesse applications like drop shot, shaky head, or Texas rig
  • Infused with salt, scent, and pork fat
  • 10 per pack