Netbait Mini B Bug 3.5"

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A versatile bait, the NetBait B-Bug serves primarily as a great flip bait, but it can also be effective when Texas-rigged and dragged along the bottom, tied onto a Carolina-rig or used as a jig trailer. The protruding ribs increase the bait's profile and generate additional water disturbance, while the beaver-like tail kicks up quite a commotion and can be easily split for additional action. Available in a variety of proven colors and loaded with scent, salt and pork fat for added fish attraction, the NetBait B-Bug has quickly become a popular choice for anglers across the country.

  • 3.5" length
  • Very versatile
  • Great for flipping, Texas rig, Caroling rig, or a jig trailer
  • Loaded with salt, scent, and pork fat
  • 12 per pack