Z-Man 10X Tough ElaZtech Razor Shadz

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Well-suited for a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG hook, the Z Man Razor Shadz features a belly slot and a dorsal hook pocket, which allows it to move in-and-out of heavy cover with ease. Offered in a number of classic bass colors, the Z Man Razor Shadz provide the perfect combination of size, naturalism, and action to make sure your livewell stays full.Incredibly durable
  • Segmented fish-shaped body and forked tail create an extremely lifelike baitfish profile
  • Ideally suited as a bladed swim jig trailer when conditions call for a larger ChatterBait prfile to mimic full-bodied forage like bream, shad, and herring
  • Buoyant material floats when fished unweighted, and sloped head cuases the bait to dive on a twitching retrieve, ceating an industry-first floating/diving action that cannot be duplicated by other soft baits
  • Belly slot and dorsal hook pocket make weedless rigging a breeze, allow the bait to slide through grass and cover when Texas-rigged on a wide-gap hook
  • Non-toxic
  • 4.5 in.
  • 4 per pack