Z-Man ChatterBait Freedom 3/8 oz

$7.99 7.99
Z-Man teamed up with Freedom Tackle to bring anglers the Chatterbait Freedom, the bait that combines Z-Man's patented, industry-leading bladed swim jig design with Freedom Tackle's proprietary advanced, free-swinging, interchangeable hook design. Unlike other ChatterBait models from Z-Man, this bladed swim jig allows for easy weedless rigging with a variety of soft plastic trailers, as well as more lifelike movement of the skirt and trailer thanks to its swinging hook design.

Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom features:
  • Patented ChatterBait bladed swim jig design
  • Stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade with new extra-strong quick clip line tie
  • Swinging hook design allows for weedless rigging
  • Proprietary Freedom Tackle advanced interchangeable design allows for easy hook changes and customization
  • 5/0 long neck VMC hook holds silicone skirt and allows for easy rigging with a variety of soft plastic trailers
  • 3/8 oz weight