Z-Man ElaZtech 4" Boar HogZ

$4.49 4.49
The Z-Man 4" Boar HogZ is an ultra-versatile bait that can be used for a wide array of applications ranging from penetrating thick, matted vegetation to dragging along the bottom on a wobble head or football jig. This bait was designed in conjunction with B.A.S.S. Elite Series pros Luke Clausen, Stephen Browning, and David Walker in response to continued requests from bass fisherman for a compact creature bait with Z-Man's 10X Tough durability. The Boar HogZ features a ribbed body, tapered legs, and action-packed textured, twin curly tails that make it ideal for a variety of presentations ranging from Texas rigging to pinning on a jig as a trailer.

  • 4 inch length
  • Ribbed body
  • Twin textured curly tails
  • Buoyant ElaZtech construction enables bait to rise off the bottom at rest in a natural defense position
  • Very versatile bait
  • 5 per pack