Z-Man Project Z Swim Jig 1/4 oz

$3.99 3.99
If you hate swim jigs that roll, you'll like the Z-Man Project Z Swim Jig. Its radical head shape combines a unique planing surface with a perfectly balanced ride, which makes it extremely stable (and thus, realistic looking) at all retrieve speeds. With prominent painted eyes, a lustrous multi-step paint job, and a vibrant 45-strand silicone skirt that enhances the trailer rather than engulfing it, the Z-Man Project Z Swim Jig forces big bass to commit. Custom trailer keeper holds soft plastics secure; premium Mustad® UltraPoint® black nickel hook. Made in USA.
  • Unique planing surface and balanced design provide stability at all retrieve speeds and prevents rolling.
  • Custom 45-strand skirts, matching multi-step paint schemes, and prominent eyes that provide a realistic, premium look.
  • Made in the USA using high quality Mustad Ultrapoint hooks.
  • Incorporates a unique custom molded-in keeper that holds all types of soft plastic trailers, including 10X Tough ElaZtech soft baits
  • Pairs perfectly with new BatwingZ jig trailers and other popular ElaZtech baits like the MinnowZ, DieZel MinnowZ, and Turbo CrawZ (all sold seperately).